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Not long after Hogan was born, I quit playing Fantasy Football.  Not that I didn’t love it-I did. I just didn’t have the time between job, new baby, and trying  to keep “She Who Must Be Obeyed” happy. 😉

The two things I miss(ed) most are:

  1.  The annual draft trip and golf tournament weekend-the winner of the league got to pick where we did the draft and it gave me the chance to see all my college buddies
  2.   The trash talking and hilarity of the consequence for losing the league

It’s this second thing I want to focus on now.  In our league, the consequence for losing usually involved public cross-dressing for an extended period of time with video evidence to its fulfillment.

This punishment for Fantasy Futility?  I’m a HUGE fan.

Cyrus Wittig, of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, had to take part in “The Waffle House Challenge” for his failure during the season.

Here are some of the funnier posts

-It is 4 PM. I arrived at Waffle House at 9 AM. My whole body hurts. My efforts are futile.

-I am honestly scared of what another waffle will do to my body. Only one way to find out…. ORDER UP!

-2 screaming children is not what the doctor ordered

-My stomach is still expanding and I don’t anticipate sleeping for a while, so I think I’ll do what any sane human would, and watch all the fight scenes from Lord of The Rings Two Towers

Too funny.