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It can be argued that Tom Hanks is our greatest, living, American actor.  I mean, let me just lay a few titles on you:  “Forrest Gump,” “Cast Away,” “Philadelphia,” “Apollo 13,” “Sully,” “Captain Phillips,” “Saving Private Ryan,” the “Toy Story” movies, “Bachelor Party”…

Okay, I’m just kidding about that last one.

Certainly it can be argued that he is among our most beloved.  I mean, who’s mom doesn’t love Tom Hanks, right?

Speaking of beloved, has there ever been anyone more beloved than Mr. Rogers?  So when you combine the beloved Tom Hanks portraying the beloved Mr. Rogers, it HAD to be great.

And “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” is.



It only takes one person to inspire a world of kindness. Based on the true story, #ABeautifulDayMovie in theaters this Thanksgiving. Follow Us on Social: Subscribe to Sony Pictures for exclusive content: Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism, based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod.

So, it came as no surprise to see that Tom Hanks was nominated for an Oscar for this performance.  Here’s the shocker tho.

Did you realize that this 6-time-nominee/2-time-winner HAS NOT been nominated for an Academy Award in nearly twenty years?

What?  TWO DECADES? Really?!

Yup, not since 2001’s “Cast Away” (he was ROBBED that year-btw-should have won easily) has Tom Hanks been at the Oscar Ceremony with stake in the game.


Just wow.