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What is Thermography Imaging

Mike Phillippeaux with Alliance Wellness Centers, LLC just shared what the breast thermography would consist of, instead of getting a mammogram. I’m so impressed especially since it’s non-invasive screening, NO RADIATION involved and more accurate, yes, you heard it correct, no radiation involved with thermography. Long story short this type of testing uses an infrared camera to detect heat patterns and blood flow in body tissues. Listen to the radio show I recorded with Mike regarding Thermography Is A Safe Option To Detect Breast Cancer.

I first met Mike through another Medical Guru, Donna Lacey who has been in the medical profession working on her Doctorate. Both are on the proactive and preventive side of healthcare and offer options, solutions and ways to succeed in this thing called like.

Mike is also on the corporate coaching side of things so we all can attain some sort of balance integrative wellness world. He also turned the audience on to the new way of eating without dieting called Intermittent Fasting. This new way of training the body without picking up a weight in the gym or new running shoes allows the body to rest and breathe 10 to 12 hours a day without processing food.

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