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Coronavirus Information Report

They are just being monitored because of travel to Wuhan district in China.

Several people in Mecklenburg county are being watched for signs of the coronavirus, but so far, there is no infection.

These people have been to China’s Wuhan District, where the virus was first discovered , so they are being watched as a precaution.

A county heath department press release said this:

“Although the individuals coming from the most affected province in China are being routed to locations for 14-day quarantine, others coming from China are being assessed at the airport of arrival and are considered to be at medium risk of developing the infection or infecting others. If found to be without symptoms they are being sent on to their home destination for voluntary quarantine. The Health Department in that jurisdiction will be notified, will contact each individual with information and guidance, and will monitor for 14 days from last possible exposure.”

 “We want to assure that the community has the information it needs to be safe and protect themselves and others. There is information on our County homepage that is being updated regularly and at However, we want to avoid unwarranted concern. Our area is still considered to have a very low risk for this novel virus,”
There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in North Carolina.