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Can I just say, I have a healthy respect for tattoos?  I have one myself. And no I’m not telling where:) But when my daughter started getting tattoos, I got a little worried. How far will she go?  Where will she put them?

My daughter has always been a bit of a rebel so I knew I couldn’t push the issues. One place I did not want her to get a tattoo is on her beautiful face. As a mother, I think I would have just died a little had she gotten a face tattoo.  I’m happy to report she has not (so far:) Please don’t misunderstand, I am all about freedom of expression but I did not want my daughter to get a tattoo on her face and that is a fact.  I’m assuming most mothers feel this way.

I wonder how Cindy Crawford (the very famous model) feels about her son Presley getting a tattoo on his face…that says….”misunderstood”.  She might be just fine with it.

Here is what it looked like when he got that tattoo.

Thanks homie ???? @jonboytattoo

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