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We were JUST having this conversation in the studio with a guest yesterday.

Have you ever woken up from a particularly odd nightmare in a panic? Further, have you then wondered if anyone else has experienced something similar?

Guess what, chances are, you’re not alone. For me, it’s waking up in a panic that I’m supposed to be taking a final exam for a class in college that I’d skipped so often during the term, that I forgot I was even taking it. And if I fail, I won’t graduate.

And I had this one AGAIN on Sunday night.

A recent survey has compiled a list of the most common nightmares.


-The most common scary dream: the terrifying vision that we’re falling (64.7%).
-After that, dreaming of being chased (63.3%) came in as the second most common nightmare, followed by dreams of dying (54.9%), feeling lost (53.8%), and feeling trapped (52.4%).

What’s yours?