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If you are like me, and you love weird and odd things, then you will LOVE this event that is coming through the Queen City this weekend. I’ve got to give my roommate credit for telling me about this event coming up this weekend. The Oddities & Curiosities Expo.

Here is how the event is being described on their website,

“The Oddities & Curiosities Expo showcases hand selected vendors, dealers, artists and small businesses from all over the country with all things weird. You’ll find items such as: taxidermy, preserved specimens, original artwork, horror/halloween inspired pieces, antiques, handcrafted oddities, quack medical devices, clothing, jewelry, skulls/bones, funeral collectibles & much more.”

I have no idea what I’m about to be getting into, but I will be sure to fill you in once it’s over. In honor of this super weird event, I figured I’d put together a gallery of some out of the box photos I found.


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