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On Monday we blogged about how cool the performance of Billie Eilish (doing The Beatles’ “Yesterday”) was during the Oscars “In Memoriam” segment.

This was the first comment we received.

I didn’t think too much about it as they seem to forget people every year; however…apparently, Hell hath no fury like Luke Perry/Cameron Boyce fans scorned.  They must have REALLY raised a stink on social media as the usually snooty  Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the organization responsible for hosting the Oscars,  issued an explanation:

“The Academy receives hundreds of requests to include loved ones and industry colleagues in the Oscars In Memoriam segment. An executive committee representing every branch considers the list and makes selections for the telecast based on limited available time. All the submissions are included on and will remain on the site throughout the year. Luke Perry and Cameron Boyce are remembered in the gallery.”

There’s a word for this excuse…and bulls are full of it.

You can’t tell me you’ve got time to give some award for best foreign language film’s costume designer’s purse (okay, I’m being just a little sarcastic here), but not add a few seconds to the “In Memoriam” segment?

Stop it.

Other stars who passed away in the past year but were not in the tribute include Jan-Michael Vincent, Michael J. Pollard and Tim Conway.