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Catherine Lane

Weekdays 10:00AM - 3:00PM

Name: Snoop ID: A1163796 Age: 8 years Weight: 49 lbs Sex: Male Date of Arrival: 1/10/2020 Adoption fee: $10 Vaccinations: Has all required vaccinations and has been microchipped

You know you have been thinking about it. NOW is the perfect time to add a sweet family member to your home. The CMPD Animal Care and Control shelter is filled to the brim with absolutely precious pets; dogs, cats even a pair of pigs! One of the wonderful things about this shelter is they accept all. They do not discriminate when it comes to accepting any pet that is either found or surrendered. These folks are angels. They lovingly care for each animal and do their best to make sure they will fit right into your home.

Melissa Knicely explains all about the shelter and how you can even adopt a pet very inexpensively:

Here are a few of the animals that are in need of a “fur”ever home: