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We’ve got the scoop on his new beer and what he thinks about it.

On Tuesday night (02.25) Tanner, Catherine, and Emalee travelled to the Alexander Homestead in the Queen City for an exclusive tasting event for Luke Bryan’s new project: his Two-Lane American Golden Lager beer!

For starters, the venue was set up all things Two Lane. Anything and everything was decked out in Two Lane branding, from the corn hole boards and the jumbo Jenga blocks to the massive guitar swing they had out in front (see gallery below).

When we first walked inside the barn, Luke had workers who immediately greeted us with a Two Lane beer to sip on while being offered delicious apps to snack on. The beer was AMAZING, especially for those like me who may not enjoy a bitter-tasting beer. Two Lane is an American Golden Lager, so it was pretty light.

As the night went on, Luke even came out on the stage and performed a few songs for us. Overall, we’d say the event was so fun and we had such a great time. Check out our interview with Luke Bryan and our photos from the night: