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I’d like to say this surprises me, but it doesn’t.  Not even close.  OMG…I can’t believe I’m even having to write this next sentence.

There’s a new poll that says Americans aren’t buying Corona Beer over Coronavirus fears.

Once and for all…and pay attention to this…YOU CANNOT CATCH THE CORONAVIRUS FROM DRINKING CORONA BEER!

5W Public Relations polled American beer drinkers and found that 38 percent would no longer buy the brew under any circumstances, while another 14 percent said no to ordering one in a public venue.

A full 16 percent told the phone surveyors they weren’t sure whether the two were related.

As a result, intentions to buy Corona beer has dropped to the lowest point in two years,

As crazy as this is, and I’m not making this up, we have a girl who works with us who refuses to eat at the magnificent Thai restaurant below the station as she’s convinced herself she can catch the Coronavirus from there.