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I forget what we were talking about a few weeks ago on the air, but we had a listener call in and confess that she got married on a reality TV show.  Further, she didn’t meet her spouse until she met him at the end of the wedding aisle (I believe the show was “Married By Mom and Dad.”)

Anyway, we were blown away that someone would gamble something as big a marriage on something like a reality show-much less one where they did not even know their spouse beforehand.

Apparently, there is a HUGE demand and interest for this kind of thing.  The internet is going nuts for Netflix’s first-ever breakout reality TV show, “Love is Blind.”

The show revolves around falling in love with someone you’ve never seen (there’s that familiar theme again).  It made its debut on Netflix the day before Valentine’s Day and is hosted by Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa.