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Oh, this Coronavirus and the wrath it hath wrought. <g>  It’s played havoc with travel, world commerce, the stock market, and now-apparently-the supply of hand sanitizer available to the public.

With small bottles on the internet now being sold in excess of $100, someone got the bright idea, “Well, I’ll just make it myself!”

Let me stress the the WHO (World Health Organization) cautions against doing this as getting the ingredient ratios right is critical.  That being said, it is not a difficult process and if you’re looking for a rainy day activity for you to do with the kids… <g>


Combine Vodka, Aloe Gel, and Essential Oils to Create Your Own Hand Sanitizer

So, your hands are a tad grimy - maybe you were just clinging to a subway pole for dear life during rush hour, or you just wiped your kid's runny nose - yet you're nowhere near a sink to do a proper hand washing (which is always you're best bet if possible, according to experts).