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Dr. Drew Pinsky is, by training, a medical internist. What is that you ask? Well, an internist is a physician (medical doctor) dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases.

Additionally, Dr. Drew is a well-known TV and radio personality. So, when I see a headline that Dr. Drew is slamming the media over the coverage of the Coronavirus, I pay attention as he’s an expert on both fronts (medicine and media).

Before you start preparing for the end of the world, please take a few seconds and actually listen to someone who has a little bit more expertise on the subject of viral infection than the hosts of “The Today Show.”

Dr. Drew Slams Coronavirus Coverage

Dr. Drew Pinsky joins the panel to discuss how the media has created hysteria over the coronavirus outbreak. He breaks down the actual facts about the virus ...

I could not agree with Dr. Drew more.  For all the fear of exposure to the Coronavirus, do you have any idea how big your exposure to the flu is/has been this year?    And by the way, the flu…the flu…has killed 18,000 people this season to date in America.