Last night Nik Wallenda did yet another death-defying stunt, this time walking across an active Volcano in Nicaragua.

For years my husband and I have watched Nik, even long before we were married. It was something that fascinated us both, this calls back to another time. Each time it was always such fun to watch. Last night for the 1st time we got to watch Nik with our children, and I quickly learned it felt different.

As I explained to Daisy what he was doing she immediately understood the danger and was curious about what would happen if he fell? “We don’t want him to fall do we?” “No sweetie of course not, I’m sure he’s gonna be fine.”

Then I had one of those parent moments…do I let her watch this? Could this give her nightmares, but she was just as fascinated as we were.

After their baths, Daisy was right back staring at the TV in awe. “Look at the lava Momma, the floor is lava, the floor is lava” she’s yelling as she’s running around the house laughing. Then she starts making her toys tightrope walk across the couch. Lol

Thankfully Nik Wallenda made it safely to the other side and so did Daisy’s toys. ❤ Just remember next time you come to our house, the floor is lava.