Have you ever related to someone’s story so much it’s scary? Well, I’m officially scared.

In a story that’s gone viral, a woman has spent the last two years watering and nurturing a plant, just to quickly learn it’s fake. Yes, I have done this before and I was mortified when I found out it wasn’t real. I actually found out by dropping the vase, causing it to shatter every which way…but the plants “soil” remained in the same spot? It was styrofoam that was colored a dark brown 🙂

Caelie Wilkes, who shared her embarrassing story on Facebook, says she’d probably still be watering the succulent had she not decided to move it to a new pot. That’s when she realized the plant she’d been caring for was actually green plastic, stuck in a styrofoam base with sand glued onto it.

“I decided it was time to transplant,” Wilkes says. “I found the cutest vase. I go to pull it from the original plastic container to learn this plant was fake.” Thousands of people have shared Wilkes’s tale, including a higher-up at Home Depot. The home improvement chain has since sent her a real succulent to take care of, she says. But just look at how beautiful her plant is: