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Now wait, before you get all excited about some granny busted for crime spree, relax.  Ruth Bryant WANTED to go to jail to check it off her bucket list for her 100th birthday.

Morning Original: Roxboro woman celebrates 100th birthday by getting arrested ::

Feisty 100-year-old Ruth Bryant of Roxboro celebrated the big 1-0-0 by checking an item off the bucket list: Getting handcuffed, arrested and wearing an orange jail shirt!

So, the Person County Sheriff’s Office went to her assisted living facility and arrested her for indecent exposure.

How great is that?!  Hold on, it gets better.

Bryant was handcuffed and put in the back of the squad car and driven to jail with the lights and siren blaring. As a birthday memory she was given her mugshot.

THAT’S my favorite part.  I LOVE the notion of someone putting their mugshot in a frame and proudly putting it on display.

After her release, Bryant was taken back to the nursing center to enjoy some birthday cake.