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Taco seamless pattern. Traditional Mexican food background. Corn tortilla and bow ornament. Tomato and fresh meat. Fast food texture

So as a busy mom, I’m always in the car, on the go with my girls. We frequent all the fast-food locations probably more than we should. So when something new comes out, I’m on it!!!

Unfortunately, this new one is only available in Singapore FOR NOW. We all know KFC is never scared to try anything new… Donut sandwich anyone. But this new one is all me because it’s a taco! KFC is making Fried Chicken Tacos. 

Yes, you heard that right. It’s made up of a fried chicken shell that’s filled with lettuce, tomatoes, and a mix of 4 different kinds of cheese and honestly, I really wanna try it! Seriously though, for me, tacos are a must any day. I have never met a taco I didn’t like and fried chicken is a southern staple, so how could it be bad!

The reviews have been positive for the most part with one person saying it was, “Surprisingly not terrible.” LOL

Still, it doesn’t look like it’ll be hitting our shores any time soon so I’m gonna try to recreate this masterpiece myself…wish me luck! Hey at its worst it’ll be some kind of taco, so I’ve already won.