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As the completely unnecessary mass hysteria over Coronavirus continues to grip the nation (again, you DO REALIZE the flu…THE FLU…has killed 18,000 more people in this country this season, right?), the latest casualty from a lack of common sense is toilet paper.

Like milk and bread during a snowstorm, store shelves have been ravaged of toilet paper. Ugh.

Well, if you’re stressed and are coming up short on Charmin, here may be the reason why.

A family in Australia made a mistake while placing an online order.  They wanted to order 48 rolls of toilet paper. Instead they ordered 48 boxes of toilet paper.

They now have 2,304 rolls of toilet paper.

Meanwhile,  Australia is REALLY facing a shortage of toilet paper due to the Coronavirus.  The family said, I’m relieved my friends and family don’t have to worry about it [toilet paper].  They said they plan on re-selling the toilet paper at the same price they paid for it.