Coronavirus Information Report

The latest coronavirus was confirmed Monday by the CDC. The South Carolina State Department of Health and Environmental Control said Four of the apparent cases seem to come from one lady in her 80’s diagnosed Friday and quarantined. As the disease moves closer to the Charlotte area all public places are taking action with sanitizers and encouraging everyone to please wash hands frequently.

The new case in Camden also had face-to-face contact with the initial woman. He was tested after going to the doctor and then allowed to go home and stay isolated, State Epidemiologist Dr. Linda Bell said. Camden is a city of about 7,200 people some 40 miles (65 kilometers) northeast of Columbia. Bell said there was no reason to shut down schools or public gatherings in the city. The advice is the same as it is during flu season: “stay home if you are sick. People don’t often take that message seriously,” Bell said. The state is sending each positive test to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for final confirmation. The federal agency has confirmed two cases and is working on the other five, according to WSOC-TV.

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