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And here we go again…

On December 11th of last year I had an angiogram with a vascular stent put in my left leg. It was supposed to possibly help with all the pain I have dealt with in the last 6 years.

I have what is called May-Thurner syndrome. It means my left Iliac vein (a large one that returns blood to my heart) is compressed by my left Iliac artery. It causes a lack of blood flow to my pelvic area. Exactly where the large cancer tumor was removed in 2014.

It is like trying to get blood through straw that has a kink in it. The stent is supposed to open up the vein.

This condition causes me to be exhausted all the time. I wake up and just want to go right back to sleep. My legs are always sore because of a lack of blood flow.

So the surgery was successful…for a few days. My latest cancer scan showed the the stents had closed down. Sometimes this happens. So we go back in on Thursday the 12th to repeat the procedure. Hopefully, this time it holds.

Once again, I would appreciate your prayers.