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With the threat of Coronavirus everywhere, as parents, we’re all looking for fun activities to do around the house to keep the kids busy. Here’s another cute, SIMPLE arts and craft idea that I did with my girls.

St Patrick’s Day is March 17th, so last week we made 4 leaf clovers with handprints. This week it’s Leprechauns out of paper plates!!! Plus its another easy one, because as you know, that’s the only kind of arts and craft I do.

What You Need:
2 Markers
Construction Paper
Paper Plates

Now if you are a Mom like me, you probably have a lot of this laying around. If not hit up a dollar store for cheap supplies.

Step 1. Grab the paper plate, that’s the base. Ur going to color the bottom ridges orange. This is a great one for the littles to do on their own. There’s ur beard.
Step 2. Use a black marker to draw eyes, nose, and a mouth on the center of the plate. The sillier the better.
Step 3. Cut out a hat from the green construction paper, and if you feel fancy, a buckle. Use some yellow and black paper for the buckle.
Step 4. Glue the hat to the top of the paper plate.

Voila! Leprechaun!

Quick, easy, done. Your kids had fun at home and you’ve got another cute keepsake. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone, stay safe out there.