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I can’t tell you my shock and dismay at the value of toilet paper in these times.  On Tuesday night, I ventured into a grocery store for the first time since the Coronavirus hit and I was stunned.

There is no reason to stock shop as the supply lines are in no jeopardy and stores will stay open, yet people have gone mad as if a symptom of the disease would be defocation on a scale never seen or imagined by man.

Anyway, I digress.

If you’re worried about how much toilet paper you will need to survive the Coronavirus pandemic then a new website helps you calculate exactly much toilet paper you’ll need for your household.

How Much Toilet Paper?! The Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator

I will survive with my toilet roll in quarantine! How long will you last?

You can enter how many rolls you currently have and how many trips to the bathroom you expect to make in a day and it will give you the amount of toilet paper you actually will need.

If you want a more accurate calculation you can also enter your habits such as average number of wipes per trip, sheets per wipe, sheets on roll and even the amount of days expected in quarantine.

How crazy is this?!