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I’ve been trying to figure out for the past few days how to talk to my girls about Coronavirus in a way they would understand. They’re only 4 and 2, and while both bright, are little kids. The concept of a global pandemic is one that I will never be able to explain…so where do I start?

I’ve avoided it so far because for them, their lives haven’t changed much. Daddy’s working from home more and we’ve been to the parks frequently, but they still get to play. They’re still happy and carefree. They watch cartoons and sing nursery rhymes and don’t even know what the “news” is. So I figured why bother, right???

I suppose that was probably naive. While 4 is little, Daisy’s not oblivious and yesterday it finally happened. She asked to go to an INSIDE play area we often frequent. I told her we couldn’t because it was closed. So she suggested something else, closed too I said. I got the look,

“Why is everywhere closed now!?” she said in a huff.

I knew then that this conversation wasn’t going to be avoidable forever. So I made the decision right there to go for it.

“Do you remember when Mommy and Daddy and Sissy and you all got really sick last year and we felt super icky?” and she remembered that. “Well there’s an even worse, even ickier bug this year, and Everybody has to be extra careful.”

I made sure to be a little silly and exaggerated in my motions while explaining it. It was a way for me to tone down the seriousness and make it a more kid friendly conversation.  After a slight pause she says,

“Wow Momma, that must be BIIIIG Bug!” Lol

So for the moment I’ve dodged that one, though it didn’t go perfectly. I ended up breaking out cookies which ended things. Lol But I’ve started the conversation and I’ll take that as a win. I hope you and your family are safe during this time and however you choose to talk to your children about it….Pro Tip: have cookies.