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And it’s time for another Moe’s Mom Hack.  You may find yourself running low on things like antibacterial wipes.  Although I must admit I have not tried this simply because I haven’t had the need yet, fortunately.  But I found this “recipe” and thought it might be worth a share.  You’ll need a container to store  them in.  It could be a plastic food storage container or even an empty container that previously contained your wipes.

-Cut your paper towels in half to fit the container and make them a good size for handling
-You’ll need a bottle of dilutable disinfectant like a concentrated Lysol.  And boiled water that you’ve cooled down.
-Follow directions on bottle for diluting the concentrated cleaner
-To make 8 ounces of liquid using the cleaner this particular person used, it would typically be 1 teaspoon to 8 ounces of cooled, boiled water.
-Pour the solution into the container with your wipes and let it sit for a few hours to soak in.

They can be used up to two weeks.  They will need to be replaced with fresh cleaner and wipes after that to stay fresh and safe.


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