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In the past few weeks, Debbie’s mother has died and her son’s senior year of high school has basically been canceled due to a worldwide pandemic.  There hasn’t been much cause for partying.

Yesterday was her birthday.

As much as we wanted to celebrate, there are no restaurants to go to.  There were no beautiful flowers to buy.  There’s no way to shop for the kind of gifts we’d like to give her (not that she really cares about those anyway).

However, our son and I were determined to try SOMETHING.  So, while we were at work, I told him to go to the grocery store and find a cake-any cake would do, some icing, candles, and cards and we’d do our best to bring a smile to her face.

Well, when we got home, my man had done his job and was standing in front of a bowl on ingredients, getting ready to mix up the cake.

Debbie immediately burst into tears.

They were tears filled with a lot of different emotions, but among them was, I’m sure…joy.

Debbie's Shelter In Place Birthday

We'll never forget this one

And yes, the tears came BEFORE our singing.  Anyway, what the whole thing reminded me of is how, at-the-end-of-the-day, it’s the simple things that matter most.

As long as you’ve got your health, your family, and love, you not only have something to celebrate, but all the gift you need.

It’s not the most festive birthday she’s ever had.  It’s certainly not the most extravagant either.  It’s is though, most assuredly, the one she will remember more than any other.