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I was intrigued yesterday by a post from Tanner’s wife, Missy, on Facebook where she was teacher their daughter, Emily to sew.

Is anyone else trying to learn something new while under Coronavirus quarantine?

Anyone want to hone their Italian cooking skills under the tutilege of an authentic Italian grandma?

Well…Nonna Nerina has brought her pasta-making class online, which is normally taught live just outside Rome. For $50, each weekend the Italian grandma will teach you how to whip up one of her rustic meals.

Make pasta with Nonna Nerina | Airbnb Experiences | Airbnb

Legend has it that Nonna Nerina saved her village with ravioli. She grew up rolling dough by hand-a tradition she continues eight decades later. Step into he...

And so you can follow along with her, she’ll send out the ingredient list for the upcoming meal in advance.