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The Coronavirus crisis has required and put on display the amazing ingenuity and creativity of our entertainers.  Television’s Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are both doing some incredible work from home.

One of the things I’ve loved most is how they’ve almost HAD to pull the curtain back on their personal lives and sharing their families with us.  I think it makes them human and much more relatable to the normal person than they ever realized.

I know it was a turning point in Debbie and I’s career when we started sharing EVERYTHING in our personal lives.  It hasn’t always been easy to do, but it’s proven to be rewarding both professionally and personally with you.

My best is when things return to normal, they will enjoy even greater success as a result of this.

Anyway, on “The Tonight Show..” Jimmy Fallon recently had a “Meet The Fallons” segment where he interviewed his wife while taking a walk.

It’s fantastic.  The video opens with Jimmy in the kitchen with his daughters (priceless).  And the interview with his wife begins at about the 7 minute mark.

The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (John Legend)

Jimmy Fallon brings John Legend to his #stayhome party to highlight a charity and perform his song "Actions" via video chat in another Tonight Show home edit...

Also of note, at the 14 minute mark, you’ve got to hear his song for guys in the high school class of 2020 called, “Prom With Your Mom”