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Kenny Chesney has released the tracklisting for his upcoming Here And Now album. The album will be out on May 1.

Chesney says that a lot of fans hear their stories in his songs. “I’d say it’s weird, the way people hear songs, and say, ‘That’s me!’, except I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, ‘That’s me.’ When it started happening, I was honored… and as it went on, I started to realize how important music is in all of our lives. It’s a life raft, a coach cheering for you, a shoulder to cry on, a reason to take stock.”

He added, “When I’m listening to songs in the studio, actually putting a record together, I’m thinking about that. I’m thinking about Vibe Room conversations, people I meet moving around, the stories I’m told… the reasons people connect with the songs. I don’t take it lightly, even when the song is supposed to be fun.”

Here And Now Track Listing:

We Do
Here And Now
Everyone She Knows
Knowing You
Someone To Fix
Happy Does
Tip of My Tongue
You Don’t Get To
Beautiful World
Guys Named Captain