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Today at 8am, Mecklenburg County’s “Stay at Home” order went into effect.  How does that impact us at the radio station?  Well, not really that much at all.  See, we’ve been operating under those conditions since Friday, March 13.

In other words, outside of our studio, it’s pretty much been a ghost town.  Now, this is not unusual for a day every now and again.  I mean, when we work MLK Day or President’s Day, it’s exactly the same, but this…this just has a different feel to it.

On those occasions, we know that the next day, all will be back to normal.  In this case, I’m not sure when we’ll see our co-workers again in person.

Anyway, stay safe.  Put all precautions into practice.  And keep listening to Country 1037 as we’ll have all updates when you need them and if you need a friendly voice, call:   704-570-1037/800-522-9762.  Debbie and I will be in today at 3.

In the meantime, here’s a tour of the radio palace.