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Coronavirus Information Report

Sam Hunt told CMT that during quarantine his wife Hannah purchased a bidet to make life a little more comfortable and he had her return it.

Sam said, “I got out of the house the other day, and my wife had ordered a bidet!”

Hunt went on to say that even though his wife sought out a solution to the ongoing toilet paper shortage, he didn’t agree with the purchase she made saying, “I was like, ‘Nah, we’re not doing that. I made her send it back. This was like a cheap one, too. It looked like it cost about $40, so I didn’t trust it.”

He did say that his wife has been stocking up quite a bit though, “Hannah picked up our groceries about a week ago. She went all in. She stocked up. So we haven’t had to order anything. But, we’ll have to face that again in about a week or so when we run out.”

When asked what his quarantine food of choice was he said, “Peanut Butter and honey sandwich.”

Sam also confessed that he still gets up at 6:45 am although he’s slow to get going and that he’s been making about 10- 15 phone calls a day to family and old friends.

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