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Here we go again!  Another week with limited supplies and trying to make the most of our freezer, pantry, and fridge stash of food. I ran across some charro beans I had made months ago and tucked away in the freezer.  They were already seasoned with smoky bacon goodness.

Same with the cornbread…it was a smoky chipotle cornbread I made and froze a while back. I found the frozen skirt steak leftover from when we had fajitas.

When I saw the cocoa powder in the basket, a coffee rub came to mind since my ingredients were leaning toward a Mexican inspired dish.  However, lessons learned upon first tasting the steak…I would have to add a few other ingredients to tame the flavor, and I ended up with an Asian-Mexican fusion dish lol!  Here’s what happened.

Dishin' With Debbie-Quarantine, Frozen Leftovers, "Chopped"

What to do with leftover, frozen cornbread, charro beans, and skirt steak...hmmm...