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Driving around this weekend, something that has always been in plain sight, but we’d not noticed (most of the time), all of the sudden came into clear view. One of the great traditions of schools in North Carolina (never had this growing up in Texas) is the “Spirit Rock” in front of schools.

Most of the time, these are spray-painted by parents and friends to celebrate birthdays, “Prom-posals,” big events, etc. However, when passing by Sun Valley High School near our old neighborhood in Indian Trail, we discovered theirs (see above) was being used as a salute to The Class of 2020.

Now, we could harp on the use of the word “ain’t,” or that it is misspelled (apostrophe?) on an institution of learning’s rock, BUT that’s not what this is about.  What it is about is the message that is an extension of the banner in front of the school.

“Don’t be good, be Great!” and on the rock, “This Ain’t How It Ends”

LOVE IT!  So, here’s what we want to do. Now it’s time for you to show us YOUR high school spirit rock.

Submit your school spirit rock below and be sure to tell us the high school, and we’ll post it under our gallery #ClassOf2020Rocks (see what we did there?!)