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As the rest of the world wallows in the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, Chase Rice finds himself living and loving the moment.

Seriously…he’s loving it.

“This whole coronavirus thing has thrown a curveball at humanity,” Rice tells American Songwriter rather nonchalantly while sitting on the porch of his Nashville-area home. “But I kind of love when life throws some storms your way. I kind of love when you are out of control of things, and you have to find a way to calm yourself down. I mean, all of this is out of our control.”

Heck, he’s got a point.

“People are saying that 2020 is the worst year ever, but that’s just not my take on it,” the “Lonely If You Are,” hitmaker says quietly. “I’m not looking for brighter days. I’m looking to enjoy each day because we are never going to live days like this again.” And coincidentally, these are, in fact, the days of Chase Rice. Check out the Album HERE!

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