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“Senior year graduation…a rite of passage

All these years later, its importance is still vivid in my consciousness. The very thought of NOT having my name announced on that awful gymnasium sound system and NOT getting to walk across that stage one last time and NOT being handed that little decorative piece of paper that said I had done it…I cannot imagine, I cannot imagine the disappointment…

Graduates don’t lose sight of the fact there are so many friends and family that are very proud of you and want to honor and celebrate you. I hope you will hold your head up high knowing…YOU DID IT!”

These are the spoken words that preceed “The Graduation” song by country and Grammy award winning artist, John Berry.  He originally wrote the song when he was 18, and about to graduate.  Later, he recorded it.  And now, he wants to share it with this special Class of 2020!

"The Graduation Song" - John Berry

Grammy winning Country music recording artist and songwriter, John Berry, has re-recorded and released "The Graduation Song," a song he wrote over 43 years a...

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