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It is something I  think about every time I hike or ride my horse in the woods, will I encounter a snake today?  More often than not I DO see a snake when I am out and about, usually, it’s a black snake.  But that’s not the one I’m worried about.  Copperhead snakes are ALL over the place.  I have a friend that just found a huge one IN HIS GARAGE.  I have heard we are in for a very “snakey” season.

But what happens, if God forbid, you get bitten by a copperhead. Is it certain death?  Well, I have a riding buddy that got bitten by one and she was very sick for a long time but with anti-venom, she recovered.

These two guys from “Breaking Trail”  set out on a trek to find a timber rattler (which I ran into a couple of weeks ago ) and found a copperhead instead.  Here is what they say about how a bite from a copperhead can affect you.

How Deadly is the Copperhead?!

On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and Mario are on the search for the Timber Rattlesnake! Along the way, they come across none other than the Copperh...