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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

It is something I  think about every time I hike or ride my horse in the woods, will I encounter a snake today?  More often than not I DO see a snake when I am out and about, usually, it’s a black snake.  But that’s not the one I’m worried about.  Copperhead snakes are ALL over the place.  I have a friend that just found a huge one IN HIS GARAGE.  I have heard we are in for a very “snakey” season.

But what happens, if God forbid, you get bitten by a copperhead. Is it certain death?  Well, I have a riding buddy that got bitten by one and she was very sick for a long time but with anti-venom, she recovered.

These two guys from “Breaking Trail”  set out on a trek to find a timber rattler (which I ran into a couple of weeks ago ) and found a copperhead instead.  Here is what they say about how a bite from a copperhead can affect you.