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Catherine Lane

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Say goodbye to the old nut and say hello to the new.  Some planters products now have the new baby nut mascot on them and they are hitting store shelves this week.  And boy is he cute!   You may remember  Baby Nut made his debut at the big game back in February but the new mascot is just now appearing.

Baby Nut was born after Mr Peanut tragically died in a van crash.  And we saw during the Planters Superbowl commercial  that showed Mt Peanut’s funeral, a tear from the Kool Aid Man’s eye drops to the ground and then moments later Baby Nut was born.  Absurd , yes! but the internet went wild.

When I think of Planters nuts I think of my dad.  He loved them and would bring them out on the weekends when he and my mom would have their friends over.  So I’m a little sentimental about the change.  But he is irresistible .  Check him out right here