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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Years ago New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta were the premium destinations for millennials .  Those were the cities with the coolest apartments, most and biggest job opportunities , best night life and best places to meet single people .  But in the past few years there has been a definite shift.

According to a recently released report the top ten cities where people are moving to are mostly smaller cities.  There has been a shift in priorities.  It is not all about parties and meeting other people.  Millenials are taking other things into consideration like a place where they can eventually raise their families, green spaces and lower taxes.

The top ten cities are:

10) Columbus , Ohio ; 9) Paradise, NV ; 8) Phoenix , Arizona; 7)Nashville, TN; 6)Houston, TX ; 5)CHARLOTTE, NC; 4)San Antonio, TX ; 3) Austin, TX; 2)Denver, Colorado; 1) Seattle, Washington

To learn more about the study here it is