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Catherine Lane

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I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, A LOT.  But the one thing I did right was picking out the perfect father for my kids.  When you are dating a guy , fall in love and get married , you hope they will be good at fatherhood.  You never know!  They could be a great boyfriend and have all the right characteristics but until the baby is here you just don’t know.  You pray he will be helpful at first of course (babies are hard work) but being a dad takes heart, it takes time, it takes patience. It takes prayer.  And that is just the first few weeks.

The father of my kids would have very big shoes to fill.  A father teaches a child how to treat others and how to expect to be treated in return.  My dad was simply the best at it.

Being a great baby dad is just the beginning.  And both of our babies were not easy by no fault of their own.  They both had specific  needs in their own way.  My husband was down for it all.  He was always there and did what was needed with a happy and open heart.

My husband retired from law enforcement a couple of years ago, he spent 25 years serving and protecting.  He swung shifts at times and faced some difficult circumstances .  It wasn’t always easy to keep the balance but he would come home from work and dive right into whatever the kids needed or wanted.

As they grew , they and we were faced with challenges.  As you know, Rick and I were not together for a few years and through it all, they were his first priority , always.

Now that they are older, he is there for them still 24/7 but now gets to reap the rewards of his labors of love.  They adore their Dad.  He is the heart and soul of our home.

So girls, there’s lots to consider when you are choosing the future father of your children.  Trust me, he is going to need kindness, patience, time, the ability to discipline , a great job lol and he is going to need faith in God.  We have done lots of praying.  And thanks to him, our kids are loving, kind, funny , and wonderful people.