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Breakups can be tough at any time let alone these days.  Some people move on easily but some people just don’t know how to really, truly, for sure, get it done and get over that person.

Here are a few ideas from the “experts” on how to get over someone.

Now this is one it took me a LONG time to realize.  I tried to be “Friends” with my ex and it was definitely a mistake.  I wanted an amicable parting and in the end it just wasn’t possible.  The experts say if you really want to move on, cut off communication with your ex.  Period.  This includes social media and according to” Lovehoney”, block them as well.  You don’t need to see their responses or their pictures on your friends pages.  Rip the band aid off, completely.  This will help, the experts promise.

Remove reminders!   We sometimes underestimate how much sentimental value we place on material things.  This might include that nice engagement ring he gave you.  Sell it.

Try a backup app.  There is an app for everything including breakups.  This one is called Mend and it can help you with your breakup journey.

Start dating again!  Finding somebody new that you really like sure goes a long way in helping to heal a broken heart.

and finally, let go of Anger.  I am still working on this one.  “Anger will only hurt you and keep you in the same place”  so to fully move on you might try  prayer, meditation and journaling.

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