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One of the first “victims” of the Covid-19 global pandemic, from an entertainment aspect, was the movie industry.  Specifically, I’ll never forgive the Coronavirus for delaying the latest “James Bond” movie, “No Time To Die” from April to now November.

However, ALL movies have been affected as ALL theaters have been closed.  If there’s nowhere to see your movie, you can’t show it.  Consequently, the traditional summer movie openings have all been delayed until fall or 2021.

Well, theaters are getting ready to reopen on July 10.  They will be limited in capacity to 50% or less, but they will be open.

The lineup?  Well, it’s going to look like a nostalgic film festival.

Movies like “Rocky,”  “Jurassic Park,” “The Empire Strikes Back,” (pictured above) and “Black Panther.”  Trilogies like “Lord Of The Rings” and Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” films will also be screened.

I love going to the movies.  I’ve missed going to the movies.  I don’t know if I will go to see something I can watch with ease in my living room.

When something new is there?  I’ll be there.

How about you?  Will you go to the movies-just to go?