Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Every year I try and take the entire family on vacation somewhere, usually, it’s one of the many gorgeous beaches that are so conveniently located near most all of us. We enjoy the typical family things.

We love a good day on the beach, going out to eat, we try and do some fishing but this year we tried something new. I like a good family adventure and My husband has always wanted to go jet skiing. So I reluctantly agreed. I have ridden an animal (sometimes at fast speeds) for around fifteen years now. I have had very few spills (thank you Jesus!) but there was something about the thought of jet skiing that did not sit well with me. It was a “gut” feeling to just not do it. I didn’t feel like anyone in the family would be affected by my feeling, I felt I would personally be harmed somehow.

Long story short, I was right. I was probably on the jet ski for ten minutes may be less when I took a fall and knew immediately I had harmed my mouth.  It hurt like crazy (like a stab to the gum) and I was bleeding. I knew I had lost a tooth. Well, it isn’t gone but it sure is in a different place. Things could have been worse I know and I’m thankful it wasn’t one of my kids.

Other than that, we LOVED Holden Beach. And Winnie and Romeo got to come along. We left behind some blood, sweat, and tears but mostly left behind tons of nonstop laughter and memories that will last a lifetime.