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Wrestlers taking time off is nothing new.  99.9% of the time it is due to injury.

Charlotte Flair (Ashley Flier) is a Charlottean and Providence High Grad.  She is the daughter of legendary professional wrestler, Ric Flair; and is maybe the best female professional wrestler of all-time (talent-wise).

She’s been absent from WWE TV for time time w/o explanation, now we have it.

And it is injury related.

BUT wayyyy different from your typical knee or back injury for sure.

Charlotte Flair Explains Why She Is Taking Time Off From WWE - Wrestling Inc.

As reported last month, Charlotte Flair will be out of action for a while due to personal time and having surgery done. Charlotte took to Twitter tonight to explain more on why she is going to be gone from WWE for a while. She explained how in 2018 she had silicone poisoning from her breast implants.