Video games are all the rage, so we decided to shed some light on local video game streamers in the Carolinas. This week, we had the chance to sit down with local community game streamer, Jaden Morgan, and ask him about being part of the game stream community!

How’d you get into streaming? What was the original goal?

I got into streaming after watching smaller Call of Duty streamers, which led me to love the interaction aspect that streamers could have with their viewers while doing what they love. My original goal as a streamer was to be able to at least make a couple of people’s days better by entertaining them and giving them an escape from the real world. I have been lucky enough while streaming to give the best advice I can to real-world problems as well.

What’s been your best moment as a streamer?

My favorite moment as a streamer was during my 24-hour stream challenge. I had so many people stay up with me and support me while we laughed and gamed so it showed me the type of community I have. It was super fun for everyone and I met some amazing people during this stream that I still talk to daily.

What games speak to you?

Games that speak out to me are any games with a competitive aspect where I can play with or against viewers. These games normally consist of FPS (First Person Shooters) but include other types of games too such as sports games. Having interactions with others is something I love.

How do you like connecting with your audience? What tool do you use most?

I connect with my audience primarily through social media such as TikTok, twitch, and Instagram where I can talk to my audience and post content bringing more viewers to my twitch channel.

If your fans were only going to take one message away from watching you, what would you want that to be?

The one message fans should take away from me is to always be yourself and have fun doing the things you enjoy.

What advice would you give to aspiring streamers?

The advice I would give to aspiring streamers is to stay true to themselves, interact with their audience, and not get frustrated from their mistakes. It is important to use those mistakes as an opportunity to grow. The most important thing I would tell them is to first focus mainly on creating content to bring viewers over to their channel. People want to see you so the more content the better chances they continue watching.

What’s been one of the biggest surprises that you never thought of going into streaming?

The biggest surprise that I never thought of going into streaming was meeting the amazing people in my streams and the insane amount of support from my community that has helped me buy products to improve the stream and make my dream job so much fun.

For those who don’t know, how can they find you? For those who want to join my community, I stream daily on twitch at 7:30 pm eastern and post daily on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. My handle for all socials is ClutchJD!

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