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Aviation Institute of Maintenance Charlotte

I’ll get to the free part in just a minute. If you just graduated from high school or 2021 is your year to do so, I bet you’re looking a the world upside down, but no need to fear because The Aviation Institute of Maintenance supports you in your efforts to prepare for your prosperous future!  Check this out, this awesome school has an opportunity for you to attend their interactive workshops. They are tailored to run anywhere from 30-90 minutes, depending on teacher preference. Best of all–it’s complimentary! Just send an email to: for more information.

I can remember life after high school as if it were yesterday, and I swear the years have flown by thus far.  A marriage happened, 2 kids happened, 3 careers came and went. All that to say, if you have some kind of solid plan that you could enjoy after high school, this opportunity in aviation maintenance might an option for you. I’m not your mom, but knowledge is power, and you need a bunch of it in today’s world.

Even if you have been furloughed, or a layoff happened, or just sick and tired of the regular 9 to 5, you might consider retooling yourself. Would you like to take a tour of this awesome school and take a (free) complimentary virtual workshop?  You will be provided with information about the “six options” to explore before graduating from High School. Those options include 4-year College, Community College, Career or Trade School, Military, Work, or do nothing.

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