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Up until today, I’d never heard of these two. And I’m kind of happy for this. I think they’re crazy. Apparently, they are famous for proclaiming themselves to be famous-specifically, the “world’s most identical twins” on social media.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque live in Perth, Australia, with their partner, Ben. And they’ve announced that they are planning to get pregnant at the same time with their aforementioned shared boyfriend. The sisters dress in matching outfits, have had the same surgery to achieve their look, eat exactly the same number of calories as each other every day, and exercise for the same length of time. Wait it gets better…they refuse to be more than a few feet from one another.


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Most twins grow out of this kind of togetherness by about the age of 3, right? Anyway, they say they want to experience pregnancy together, and while they obviously are obsessed with the whole “identical” thing, they don’t mind having children of different genders as long as babies are healthy and happy.