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Catherine Lane

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A few days ago I became aware of a friend of mine that was sick with the coronavirus.   This was the first for me that a personal friend of mine, that I had seen in the past few weeks, became sick with the virus.  My first concern was for her of course but then I got to thinking about how many days since I had an in-person conversation with her.

At the radio station, we take all the precautions to keep each other safe.  In the studio we are six feet apart, we sanitize, etc.  But with Tanner being a two-time cancer survivor, I didn’t want to take any chances that I might be infected.  Statistically, it would have been impossible for my friend to have been contagious when I saw her, but still, I wanted to make sure that I was COVID free.  So I decided to get a test.  I wanted to show you guys that this procedure is simple.  Yes, it does tickle the nostrils just a bit but the knowledge is worth it.  This was a quick test, and I’m happy to report I failed.  I tested negative and I’m just fine.

Catherine COVID Test!

Catherine gets tested for COVID! Her message is for everyone else to make sure they get tested & help everyone else stay safe! See more at!

For more information about Covid -19 just go here