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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

If you have been listening for a while, you have heard me tell stories of my sweet (some say long-suffering husband) Rick.  I was just 16 when he swept me off my feet the first time and the love that just began then grew, changed, evolved, and matured over our long and storied history.

I gotta tell you just one story regarding how my husband is at work-related events.  When we were at the CMA Awards in Nashville, Garth Brooks came around to be interviewed by us.  Now my husband is completely unbothered around celebrities.  He truly is unimpressed. So when Garth came around, he stands back and lets our work.  Garth notices there is actually someone there not wanting a picture with him so Garth walks over to Rick and taps him on the shoulder, “Hey man is that your wife”.  “Yep,” says Rick and then Garth asks “What do you think of all this?”, Rick just says “hectic”.  And Garth throws his head back laughing.

Who is this incredible man that I just could never get out of my heart and mind?  Well, he is just about the purest soul that lives on earth.  He served as a law enforcement officer for 25 years and one of his trooper buddies pretty accurately summed up his personality with this story:  he says Rick is so kind when he pulls someone over that they teased him with:  “Rick, are you giving that guy a ticket or asking him out to lunch”.   I could go on and on with stories about how amazing he is but instead, I’ll just post a few pics about our life together.  Hope you enjoy it!