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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

My dad used to tell me , I “came along late in his life to cheer him up”.  Yep, I showed up a little later than my sisters.  My sister Linda is almost ten years older and my sister Cynthia is seven years ahead of me.  Cynthia always considered me to be HER baby , and while we have had our sisterly spats, we have always been close and connected.

My sister , bless her heart, has not been in good health for many years now.  And now she is facing her biggest cancer battle yet.  She is currently battling her third cancer and everyone in my family would appreciate your prayers.  Tomorrow she will undergo an operation to remove a cancerous tumor in her right lung.  Our prayer is that they can remove the tumor without having to remove part of the lung and that it will be a complete success and she will be cancer free.  My sister’s name is Cynthia Hamrick.

Cynthia was that sister.  She took me to my first concert.  We both loved Heart.  She would take me on dates even tho most people would have just considered me the bratty little sister.  If a boyfriend didn’t want me to tag along, that boyfriend usually didn’t last too long.  She would invite me to stay with her in her college dorm even tho I am sure that limited her fun. There are too many stories to recall.  She is kind. She is funny.  And I need her here for a very long time to come.

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