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I’m a HUGE fan of cover songs.  To hear a fresh interpretation of a beloved tune has always held interest and fascination for me.  Why this song?  Why this artist?  I didn’t even know this artist had ever HEARD of this song.

These are the things that go thru my mind when I hear a good cover.

One that went thru my mind when I heard this?  OMG people are gonna hate Sam Hunt’s guts for this. <g>  Over the weekend he released a very techno, almost EDM rendition of  Garth Brooks’ classic song of love gone wrong, “What She’s Doing Now.” on his Instagram.

The song was written by Garth Brooks and Pat Alger and appears on Garth’s third album, “Ropin’ the Wind.”  It spent 4 weeks at number one, and I can promise you they’ve NEVER imagined it sounding like this.

What She's Doing Now

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